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Welcome at Machinefabriek Bakker

“Machinefabriek Bakker B.V.” (Bakker) has been designing and manufacturing special machinery and installations for the shellfish industry as early as 1924. Supplying unique installations which efficiently combine technical know-how and experience to produce and treat shellfish.

On board installations
Bakker possesses the necessary know-how for the development, fabrication and im-plementation of installations onboard fishing vessels. Throughout the years she has grown into the absolute leader in this field. Bakker, without doubt, is the number 1 for complete equipment onboard mussel vessels.

Onshore installations
In close cooperation with her clients, Machine manufacturer Bakker designs and develops processing units for shellfish. Processing units, which incorporate all the advantages in performing their work efficiently and economically, depending of the local conditions. Bakker looks after the full project trajectory from concept to well considered fabrication as well as from “Turn-key” to commissioning.

Existing installations
Bakker also optimises existing installations. After an analysis of the “hot-spots” the project department proposes adaptations, necessary for optimal functioning of your production system.